Medicare & Medicaid Education

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  • Enrolled in Medicare? Do you know ALL your benefits?
  • Regardless of the plan you choose, ALL plans have special benefits that most folks don’t know about.
  • And, if something in your life changes (like a new illness or your doctor wants to give you an expensive prescription), there are Extra Help Benefits and/or Special Enrollment programs that will help pay your bills.
  • Many folks don’t know that there are “levels” to Medicaid that may bring your health care costs WAY DOWN!
  • Plan on booking a fun, educational and interactive workshop and learn how to maximize your benefits and spend less on your health care.

Since 2003, seminar presenter and advocate Mara Woloshin has been Medicare and Medicaid specialist and consultant to health plans, appeals agencies and of course, Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

She is a licensed agent who helps educate and empower Oregonians about their health care choices

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