About PR and Marketing

Our point of view on Public Relations and Marketing

Public relations and marketing are unique but integrated functions that, when correctly executed in tandem, can be your most powerful tools in increasing sales and building your reputation and brand.

Our team is grounded in the often-misunderstood behavioral science of public relations. Combined with decades of expertise in successful marketing campaigns, we offer our clients multiple facets of our craft. We specialize in problems including:

  • Product recalls
  • New business development
  • Brand launches
  • Litigation issues
  • Government regulations
  • Restructuring and reorganization
  • Marketing life-cycle issues
  • Employee and volunteer training

Our job is to understand the nature of your business, its needs and its cost-effective requirements.

We are experts in building successful public relations and marketing relationships through:

  • Publicity
  • Social media
  • Digital and print publications
  • Training and workshops
  • Business troubleshooting
  • Issues management
  • Web design
  • Seminar and business presentation development